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Ezra Furman, Messiah

Songs by Ezra Furman
Ezra Furman Live!

A man and his music


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Hotel Room to Casablanca

Learn about Folk On Records, Ezra's "label".

Ezra Furman is a singer and songwriter from Chicago, IL. It is difficult to peg him as part of a single musical genre because he loves to experiment with different styles of songwriting. Suffice it to say that Ezra makes up songs and plays them on his acoustic guitar with ferocious energy and gutwrenching sincerity. His music is derivative of, but never completely part of, a number of musical genres: blues, punk, folk and pop are some prime examples.

Since Ezra got a guitar for his bar mitzvah, he's been working relentlessly toward capturing some of the grandeur, mystery, pain and headlong wildness of life in song. The results are by turns beautiful, charming, funny, angry, poignant and inspirational. He hopes you enjoy it.

Contact Ezra about booking at or (847) 903 2374.

E-mail me at Tell me if you like what I do. Or if you want me to play a show. Or if you want to buy a CD. Or if you have kind words of encouragement. You know what, all things considered, you should probably just e-mail me.